Statement condemning the eviction of members of the Bahá’í community

Citizenship and civil rights are fundamental human rights and no one has the right to withdraw them out of law. The German-Yemeni Center for Peace and Development followed with great concern the forced relocation of the Bahá’í community and the confiscation of their property and money, as well as the withdrawal of their citizenship following arbitrary arrest and physical and psychological torture in non-humanitarian prisons by the Houthi militia in Yemen. The Center regards these actions as manifest violations of human rights and as a clear violation of all international norms and laws relating to human rights, dignity and citizenship.

These procedures are not of a legal or statutory nature. Accordingly, the German-Yemeni Center for Peace and Development condemns these inhuman and illegal measures and condemns all associated measures such as the confiscation of funds.

The center calls on the international community and various human rights organizations to condemn Houthi violations of the Baha’i community and to exert pressure so that all who want to live in their homeland can return. In addition, we demand that the international community exert pressure so that the Houthi militia return all seized funds to the Bahá’í community and compensate those affected accordingly.